New book review: The Resort by Sue Watson


Fitzgeralds is known as luxury upscale resort that everyone wishes to vacation. You may spot a celebrity here among the beautiful people.

Sam and David, Daisy and Tom, and Becky and Josh cross paths at this resort. All three couples have come to this resort to connect as a couple for one reason or another, but all three couples have underlying problems.

As their vacation begins in this paradise, it quickly takes a turn for the worse when a waitress is found dead at the bottom of a cliff.

My Thoughts:

Sue Watson does what she did best again in this book by giving the reader the inner feelings of each of the female character’s mind. We are brought into their fears and turmoils and understand what they are going through. Daisy, Becky, and Sam all rotate their viewpoints.

I love how Sue Watson begins by giving the amazing detail of this resort and explains the gorgeous setting in which you feel like you are there! Then it quickly changes when Stella, the waitress, is found.

Sue Watson never fails me with her books. She always delivers strong women with flaws that the reader can relate to.

This thriller is a perfect vacation read!

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