Book review: One Italian Summer by Rebecca Serle


Katy is heartbroken at the loss of her beloved mother. Her mother, Carol, was her best friend.

Katy is left with an upcoming trip to the Amalfi coast that was planned for her and her mother. With a struggling marriage, Katy decides to go on a solo trip to Italy to visit the places Carol visited when she was younger.

Katy arrives in Positano and immediately feels her mother with her. She is in love with the hotel she is staying in, the people around her, the food, and the scenery.

Then the unthinkable occurs……..Carol appears in a younger form! Is it the grief that is showing her Carol or is she really there?

My Thoughts:

I’ve never met a Rebecca Serle novel I haven’t fallen in love with and cried along with the outcome.

I loved the inner workings of Katy’s mind as it explores her grief over her mother’s death. The description of Italy left me longing to go to the Amalfi coast and see the blue water and steep cliffs.

Rebecca Serle is truly a magical writer that is able to grip your emotions and take you to another place!

I highly recommend reading this novel if you are looking for an escape from reality!

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