Book Review: The Summer Place by Jennifer Weiner


The Summer Place takes place during the pandemic in New England where most of Jennifer Weiner’s books take place. Sarah’s stepdaughter, Ruby, has gotten engaged after a relationship has unfolded during the pandemic. Ruby and her new fiancé, Gabe, plan the wedding to be held in just three short months at her grandmother’s house on Cape Cod. Sarah is shocked and worried about this wedding being so quick, but Sarah also has a lot of other issues going on with her life. Her husband, Eli, has always been a devoted husband, but he has been distracted. Sarah’s twin brother, Sam, lost his wife in a car accident not long ago and is raising his son alone.

All of these characters encounter heartbreak, love, arguments, and forgiveness in this book set in the summer.

My Thoughts:

I have always loved all of Jennifer Weiner’s books, although I feel lately she does insert a lot of political views throughout that sometimes are not needed or relevant to the storyline.

I did enjoy this book and the storyline. All of the characters were flawed in one way or another, but I also still loved the characters despite their flaws throughout.

I definitely recommend this for a vacation or summer read!

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