Hershey Chocolate World-Hershey, Pa

 State Gymnastics Championship and Tour of Hershey Chocolate World
After our daughter’s successful PA State Gymnastics meet in Quakertown, PA, we decided to make a detour on our way home to Hershey. We didn’t have enough time to go to Hershey Park, but it looked like it would be a great time. We plan to go to the amusement park sometime.
We did have time; however, to go to Hershey Chocolate World. There are many choices and combinations of attractions to do while visiting Hershey Chocolate World.  Since we had limited time, we decided to do the 4D Chocolate Mystery and the Chocolate Tour. There are also other experiences such as: Create Your Own Candy Bar, Chocolate Tasting Experience, and the Hershey Trolley.  If you bundle the attractions together, you can save money.


The store is huge with all the Hershey candy and souvenirs you can imagine! We let each child pick one item to buy.
We did the Chocolate Tour, which was free and very informative, but not boring for the kids.


You ride in a small car that takes you through and explains the process and other information about Hershey and the history.
After the tour, we went to the 4D Chocolate Mystery at time we were assigned when we bought our ticket. It was very similar to the Philar-magic ride at Disney World. You watch a cute movie in a theater, but there are 4D effects to enhance the movie.

If you are still hungry after visiting Hershey Chocolate World, I suggest a visit to Troegs Brewing Company right down the road. We were worried it may be more like a bar and be for adults, but we checked it out inside and saw lots of families there on a Sunday afternoon. They have a tasting room and brewery tours, but since we had the kids, we just ate lunch and had a beer (root beer for the kids!) The food was really good! I had a Grilled Cheese with Tomato  soup. They have a pretty large kids menu with Chicken Fingers, Pizza, Hot Dogs, Sandwiches, Fries, Salads, and Quesadillas! 


Enjoying a root beer!
We are hoping to head back to the Hershey area sometime soon to go to the amusement park as well! We’ve heard great things about it!

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