York, Pa-Mite Hockey Tournament

IMG_5237Heritage Hills Outdoor Classic
Hockey Tournament in York, Pa
The Heritage Hills Country Club hosts one of the best mite hockey tournaments we’ve attended. Everything is on site and included in the price, even the snow tubing. A free hot breakfast in Knickers Pub is also included Saturday and Sunday morning.
View from our hotel room


It was so nice to be able to get our children ready in our hotel room and just walk downstairs to the outdoor hockey rink for each game. If a family wanted to, they could just get to the tournament on Friday afternoon and not leave the hotel again until Sunday!
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Our first night, after the first game, we went to eat at the Stone Grille and Taphouse which was a good venue for families and had a wide variety of foods on the menu. It was less than 10 minutes from our hotel.
Saturday in between the two games that were in the morning and night, we went snow tubing and free skating on the outside rink. The kids had so much fun!
Tubing fun!


Free skating


Saturday we ate dinner at Knickers Pub in the hotel and had almost 50 people from our hockey team. The staff was extremely accommodating and the food came out quick! The menu is very large and has many different types of food to choose from.
The concession stand outside sells snacks, drinks, hot chocolate, and coffee. There is a second concession stand that has wine, beer, and liquor. They sell kits with smore toppings in them including the stick for the marshmallows. This was fun to do at the many firepits that they have set up outside in the evening.
Making smores after a hockey game


The hotel turned one of the ballrooms into a knee hockey room for the kids. The kids loved being able to play knee hockey all afternoon!
Knee Hockey Room in the Ballroom


There was supposed to be a movie night on Saturday night with a showing of “The Mighty Ducks,” but for some reason, they did not have the room ready and unlocked and did not have this available for the 4 teams staying at the hotel. This was our only disappointment of the weekend.
Itinerary for the weekend


It was a very well designed tournament and even though our team did not fare as well as they would have liked, they had a fun weekend centered around hockey and kids!
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