August end of summer reflections


At the end of every summer, I review our bucket list that we have made at the beginning of the summer and start to realize all of the things we did not get to do. This summer-we haven’t taken the dog to swim at the local lake yet, we didn’t have an adult party without the kids, etc.

But this morning as I was getting some back to school things ready, I started to think………..why do I think about what we didn’t get to do? Why can’t we just be happy with all of the amazing things we DID get to do?

So I reflected on the summer-what did we get to do?………..

  • We went to a Pittsburgh Pirate game the last day of school.
  • We learned all about Jake Paul’s life and idolized him at the beginning of the summer and learned that he isn’t so great as the boys thought by the end of the summer.
  • We went to Toronto and attended a Blue Jays game and went to the Hockey Hall of Fame in between games for our oldest won and watching his team win 1st place in a tournament in Toronto!
  • We got to read a lot of books and catch up on a lot of movies.
  • We learned to how use the phrase “You good, bro?” correctly.
  • We went to the National Gymnastics Championships and our daughter competed 22 days after she got her cast off!
  • We went to the drive in and stayed for both movies (despite my car battery dying in between the movies)! Each kid brought a friend-so I went alone with 6 kids! All 3 kids of my kids stayed up, just one girl fell asleep.
  • We learned that our 13 year old can babysit for short periods of time! Game changer in our house!
  • We went to Savannah, GA and got to see many historic places and eat great southern food!
  • We went to Fripp Island, SC for a week and had a great beach week just the 5 of us!
  • We got to sleep in often! This is very dear to our heart since in the fall and winter we have to wake up at 4-5am for hockey games, practice, and gymnastics meets.


We are so lucky we got to do so many amazing things and spend quality time together as our family of five. Once school starts and the boys start hockey games and our daughter starts gymnastics meets, we will be running a million different ways and spending lots of time apart. We savor our time together in the summer to spend time together and have a low stress environment (and sleep a lot).


If we don’t feel grateful for what we have,

what makes us think we will be happy with more?


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