Book Review: Until the Day I Die by Emily Carpenter


Erin Gaines has lost her husband in a sudden and unexpected car accident. As owners of a tech company along with their best friends, Erin begins to rely on her friends and daughter for support. Erin’s friends and family decide that she needs a trip to a remote Caribbean spa to relax and regroup. Although, Erin starts to think that possibly she was not sent there to recover…….maybe someone has ulterior motives.

Erin’s daughter, Shorie, has just started college, but still is involved in the family business. She has been investigating and believes that someone in the company should not be trusted.

My Thoughts:

This was my first book by Emily Carpenter, and I was impressed at how intricate and smart the plot was! Very well done! She is a great writer. Emily Carpenter definitely knows how to build an intricate plot and build the suspense to a crescendo. I absolutely loved Shorie and Erin’s relationship #momanddaughtergoals

Definitely a great read!


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