Book Review: Dear Wife by Kimberly Belle


Two parallel stories run about two women…..Beth and Sabine.

Beth is running from a violent husband and trying to make a fresh start. Sabine is missing and the story focuses on her husband, Jeff. The detective, Marcus, is searching for answers to Sabine’s disappearance.

The twisted lies cross and cross again to reveal the surprising ending in this thriller.

My Thoughts:

Every summer, Kimberly Belle writes a guaranteed 5 star thriller. I was lucky enough to receive an ARC from Netgalley and devoured this book in a few days.

This is a fantastic suspenseful thriller that you won’t guess what is coming next. I really thought I knew, but I was completely wrong!

Do yourself a favor this summer and read this thriller!! And if you didn’t read The Marriage Lie and Three Days Missing, go and read those too!

5 stars again for Kimberly Belle!!


Click below to purchase on Amazon!

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