Book review: The Night Before by Wendy Walker


Laura and Rosie are sisters but couldn’t be any more different. Laura has never had much luck in her love life. Rosie is married with a family living in a stable home in Connecticut. Laura works in the busy setting of New York City in the world of Wall Street. After Laura has another failed relationship, she leaves the city and heads to stay with Rosie and her family. Laura goes on a blind date and does not return. Rosie is frantic with panic as she begins a search for Laura.

My Thoughts:

This is a great beach or vacation read that you can sit and read the suspenseful plot and get so drawn in that you just flip through page after page!

I loved the development of the many characters and the time shift in places to find out the background information needed to figure out what happened to Laura and what has happened in her past. The different perspectives lent themselves perfectly to the format of the book to continue to build the suspense for the reader.

I really enjoyed this suspenseful book! If you like a good suspenseful mystery, you need to read it!

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