Book review: The Last House Guest by Megan Miranda


Avery Greer lives in a small beachtown in Maine that encompasses two worlds: the wealthy vacationers and the locals. Avery is a local girl living in the town when she meets Sadie Loman who comes from a wealthy family owning many properties in town. Every summer Sadie and Avery have fun and are together every night. Until one summer when Sadie is found dead. Some people are quick to blame Avery, although it is ruled a suicide. Avery works hard to try to clear her name.

My Thoughts:

I read this back in September and am just getting to my review.

This book is less of a thriller and more of a mystery. I love how Megan Miranda creates the realistic scene and environment of a small town. I read two of Miranda’s previous books, and I have enjoyed her previous books more than this one.

Don’t get me wrong; this is a good mystery but it is pretty predictable.

It would be good as a quick read for a vacation or weekend getaway because it is an easy read.

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