Book review: Date Night by Samantha Hayes


Can you imagine coming home from a date night and your babysitter missing?? Libby and her husband return from a date night to find that their babysitter is missing without a trace. Does it have anything to do with the threatening note that Libby received on her car days prior?

This novel is a suspenseful thriller leading down different twists and turns to find out what happened to Sasha and does the possible adultery by Libby’s husband have any involvement in Sasha’s disappearance.

My Thoughts:

I listened to this on Whispersync on Audible and read on the Kindle. This was a quick paced page turner.

I was pleasantly surprised at how suspenseful this book was and how it kept me engaged. Samantha Hayes did a great job of creating the suspenseful aura throughout the entire novel.

I definitely did not see the ending coming! Very surprising twist at the end.

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