Book review: The Assistant by Marni Mann


Jesse runs a multimillion dollar company until her father passes away from a tragic disease. Jesse wishes to take time away from the strenuous job to spend time with her family. She goes through an extensive interview process to find the perfect assistant for her husband, Emory, and to help as a nanny for her son. Charlotte joins their family as Emory’s assistant to learn the ins and outs of their family. The chapters change the point of view between Emory, Jesse, and Charlotte throughout the novel.

My Thoughts:

It’s hard to say anything regarding this book without giving away the proceedings and ending of the book.

I was speechless at the end. Every assumption I made really was incorrect.

After reading this, many people said it had similarities to Verity. So after reading this book, I took on the feat of attacking Verity. Verity’s review will be coming next!!

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