Book review: The Wife Stalker by Liv Constantine


From the author of The Last Mrs. Parrish, here is another addicting thriller that comes out May 19th!! Piper Reynard is new to Westport, Connecticut. She is the new owner of a yoga and wellness studio. When Piper meets Leo, a wealthy lawyer, she has an instant connection. Piper is a little hesitant since Leo wears a wedding ring, but things move quickly and Leo and Piper end up married. Joanna has been waiting patiently for Leo to love her back while caring for his children. Leo forces Joanna to move out when Piper moves in. Joanna digs into Piper’s questionable past, and Joanna begins a battle against Piper.

My Thoughts:

Liv Constantine pulled the rug out from under me again!! I was definitely shocked at this ending! I loved her first book, but I wasn’t as much of a fan of her second book…….this third book was AWESOME!!

Thanks to Netgalley for the free advanced reader’s copy in exchange for an honest review.

Preorder this thriller soon!

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