Audible book review: The Getaway by Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen


After an unsuccessful political campaign from her employer, Chloe is in desperate need of a break. Chloe spots a flyer for a lakeside retreat outside of Washington DC. Chloe completes a rather invasive questionnaire and is picked up and whisked away to the remote lakeside home. Chloe’s host, Sebastian, welcomes her, but Chloe begins to feel like there’s something off in this retreat.

My Thoughts:

I’ve enjoyed most of the books by Hendricks and Pekkanen, but I’ve never listened to any of them on Audible. This was only available on Audible, and it is a short 2.5 hour listen.

It’s a short and quick thriller that’s an easy listen while you are exercising, doing chores, or laying out at the pool!

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