Book review: Don’t Look For Me by Wendy Walker (my favorite book of 2020!)

Best book of 2020!!


Molly Clarke’s family is led to believe that she walked away from her entire life one night leaving her car abandoned and a note in a hotel. The authorities conclude and try to get her family to believe that Molly just doesn’t want found………

The stormy night of Molly’s disappearance, Molly ran out of gas and was picked up by a man and his young daughter. They are taken back to his house where the doors are locked.

Molly’s daughter, Nicole, has a feeling that something is wrong. Some of the information just doesn’t add up, so Nicole decides to do some investigating on her own.

My Thoughts:

This book is terrifying!! I haven’t read a book that freaked me out this much since The Chain. Wendy Walker does a fabulous job of creating suspense along with keeping the story flowing fast!

I highly recommend this if you love a good thriller!

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