Book Review: Regretting You by Colleen Hoover


Morgan had her daughter at a young age and was married young to her husband Chris. Fast forward to the teen years……….Clara is extremely close with Chris, but Clara and Morgan have a tumultuous mother-daughter relationship.

After a tragic accident that affects their family, Morgan and Clara turn away from each other instead of comforting each other.

My Thoughts:

This was my second Colleen Hoover book after reading Verity last summer. This was a complete opposite read from Verity. Regretting You was more of a women’s literature genre that caused me to tear up and gasp at times. It was a predictable read, but I enjoyed it after reading an intense thriller last!

I had trouble relating since my daughter and I have a close relationship, so the relationship between Morgan and Clara was so sad for me to read. It would crush me if I had a relationship like this with my daughter.

It was a quick read, but it would be pretty hard to read if you have a rough relationship with your daughter.

I am not giving up on Colleen Hoover. It kept me interested the whole time, and I was invested in the characters She has a huge following, and I have a few of her books on my “to read” list still!

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