Book Review: One Day in December by Josie


One December day, Laurie stares out of the window and locks eyes with a man…….and then the bus drives away.

Laurie looks everywhere she goes for the next year for the mystery man she thinks she could be in love with.

Finally she does reunite with him but not the way she imagined. Her best friend, Sarah, brings her new and amazing boyfriend to a Christmas party……and her boyfriend is the mystery man from the bus stop. Laurie doesn’t have the heart to tell Sarah that she is in love with him……she doesn’t even know him.

The next ten years a great friendship develops with Sarah and the mystery man, Jack. The friendship includes heartache, pain, joy, and love.

My Thoughts:

I absolutely loved this modern day love story! I usually read thrillers and mysteries, but I decided to read some more uplifting holiday books this December as an escape from the harsh reality of 2020.

The story of Jack and Laurie is sweet and heartbreaking at times. It would make for a wonderful holiday romantic comedy.

I am looking forward to reading another one of Josie Silver’s books!

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