Book review: In a Holidaze by Christina Lauren


Mae returns to Park City, Utah as her family does every Christmas with her whole family and their family friends. This Christmas is different though because it will be the last Christmas before the cabin is sold. In addition to the sadness surrounding the house, Mae is also unhappy with her life and her job at the current time.

Mae makes a desperate plea to the universe to help her out and show her what will make her happy!

Cue the Groundhog Day time loop………Mae is stuck in a time loop where she continues to end up back on the plane heading to Park City every time something goes wrong. Mae needs to figure out what is supposed to happen to make her happy as well as her family and friends………….and someone needs to rescue the cabin!!

My Thoughts:

I wanted to read a lighthearted and cute holiday book this December since I feel as if we are surrounded by such sadness regarding the pandemic in our lives!

In a Holidaze definitely filled that void for me by providing an easy to read and whimsical romantic book that took place during the holidays!!

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