Book review: The Forever Home by Sue Watson


Carly and Mark are a famous couple known for their renovation projects and have become famous and made a living from renovating homes on television just like Chip and Joanna Gaines. Mark renovated their beautiful home on the Cornish coast where they raised their children.

Mark has been caught at their anniversary dinner with having a much younger girlfriend. Carly is devastated by this finding, but they must manage the media together to resist any backlash from their fans.

Once there is a missing person, all the parties must wonder who is responsible for the missing person.

My Thoughts:

Sue Watson has definitely proven to be one of my “go to” authors!

There were so many times I wished I could tell Carly that she needed to be more assertive and aggressive regarding all of the wrongs against her. This domestic drama kept me in suspense wondering if Carly could end up on top as I was hoping!!

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