Book review: Big Summer by Jennifer Weiner


Jennifer Weiner is arguably considered one of the queens of chick-lit books. Big Summer delivers with another novel that delivers drama, friendships, mystery, and murder.

Daphne ended a toxic friendship to Drue Cavenaugh who comes from a wealthy family in NYC where they attended school together. After an unforgivable event, Daplne cut Drue off six years ago.

Daphne is shocked when Drue contacts her to ask her to be the maid-of-honor at her wedding. Daphne is finally in a good place and happy in her life as a plus sized influencer who lives with a great friend from her school days.

Forgiveness is the key when Daphne finally agrees to be a part of this society wedding in Cape Cod.

What follows is a wedding weekend that ends in tragedy and a mystery.

My Thoughts:

I always have been a sucker for Jennifer Weiner’s books, especially ones that are perfect for a beach vacation.

This book explores the complexity of women’s friendships and the struggle of forgiving often unforgivable things.

I wasn’t expecting the mystery portion of the novel, yet I really enjoyed that part.

The character development was spot on by giving the ins and outs of the characters and spotlighting even the harsh negative aspects of the characters, even those who were deceased.

I enjoyed this book, as I have most of Weiner’s books!

If you are looking for a story of friendship, especially the dark and light parts of friendship with a twist of mystery, this book will be a great choice for you!

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