Book review: Stolen by Tess Stimson


Alex would not be considered the best mom, but she does her best considering the fact that she is a widow.

Alex travels from England to St. Pete Beach, Florida with her daughter, Lottie, for her best friend’s wedding. During the reception, Alex asks friends to watch over Lottie while she takes a walk on the beach with a man she had been flirting with. After returning, Alex finds that Lottie is missing.

The media focuses on Alex, so Alex begins to investigate herself. As she investigates, she finds that not everyone is her friend as it seems.


I literally could not stop reading this book! I was getting ready to head to the same area that the story takes place when I began reading this thriller. I was able to finish this in Clearwater, which is just miles away from St. Pete Beach.

This kept me guessing and guessing again until the end, although my initial thought was correct about who took Lottie!

This is a great read that will keep your heart racing!

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