Book review: Reminders of Him by Colleen Hoover


Kenna returns to her hometown in hopes of reuniting with her daughter. Kenna had served five years in prison after a mistake made as a teenager.

The fact that her daughter’s grandparents want nothing to do with her begins her problems. But after meeting Ledger, Kenna finds there may be a possibility of some hope in her life.

My Thoughts;

I know it’s an unpopular opinion, but the only books I truly liked of Colleen Hoover were Regretting You and Verity. I keep giving her a shot because she has such a large following and her Instagram and Tik Tok accounts make me laugh. I think she’s hysterical, and I actually would love to meet her.

This was truly tragic and the circumstances of Kenna’s arrest are horrifying and totally stuck with me. I did actually like the storyline and wanted Kenna to have a second chance. But the ending was so incredibly rushed and never would have happened that quickly.

I’m sure I will keep giving her books a chance because I feel like I would be friends with her in real life since we have the same sense of humor!

Reminder of Him just wasn’t for me.

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