Book review: Somebody’s Home by Kiara Rouda


Julie Jones has finally left her husband and moved her and her daughter across town to a middle class neighborhood after living in the wealthy section of town their whole lives.

The owner’s son is still living in the garage. Julie has given him a few days to stay even though Jess and Julie have moved into the main house.

The only thing is……Tom has no plans to move.

My Thoughts:

This was not my favorite Kiara Rouda book just because I found Tom to be so horrid.

Usually I just love Kiara Rouda’s characters. Sometimes they are still despicable, but I still just love their attitudes, sarcasm, and dry humor.

Tom went a million steps beyond being a fun evil character. He was just horrible! The themes of corrupt churches, prostitution, child abuse, domestic violence, and scandals went over the line of what I normally expect from her books.

I still couldn’t put the book down, and I needed to see what happened, but it just wasn’t what I expected from this author.

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