Book review: One Night on the Island by Josie Silver


Cleo has hit the dreaded 30th birthday and is still single Cleo works as a daring columnist and is sent off on a trip to a remote Irish island for her birthday by her boss.

Mac is also seeking some solitude from a tumultuous marriage and heads to the same remote island.

Both Mac and Cleo were meant to be on solo trips, but there is a mix up and end up having to share the same cabin!

My Thoughts:

Perfect romantic book to read on vacation! Josie Silver is always a go-to author for a good romantic storyline that’s quick and easy to read

If you are looking for a romantic comedy, this is not as humorous as the usual rom-com. There are a lot of more serious topics the characters must face in their introspective trip.

I definitely enjoyed this from a change of pace from my normal thriller books!

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