Book review: All the Pretty People by Barbara Freethy


Picture a beautiful island full of wealthy people full of secrets……here you will find Hawk Island.

Willow has not returned to Hawk Island since her best friend disappeared 10 years prior. Willow was supposed to meet up with her best friend and blacked out that night. Guilt and turmoil has followed Willow since that night.

Now Willow’s sister has moved her wedding to Hawk Island after a change in the venue. Willow must now face everyone again.

My Thoughts:

There were many mixed reviews but I actually liked this book a lot. There were a lot of characters to keep track of, and everyone had a secret. There were a lot of red herrings, but I did figure this one out. I did enjoy the twists and turns.

I definitely recommend this for a quick page turner for your summer reading!

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