Book review: The Neighbor’s Secret by L Alison Heller


Lena, Jen, and Annie are neighbors and at very different places in their lives, but their lives tend to interconnect in this domestic drama set in a neighborhood called Cottonwood Estates.

All three women have secrets from their past that they’ve held deep inside.

The Cottonwood Book Club reads books about mysteries but now they have their own mystery on their hands. There has been vandalism in their neighborhood and assumptions are made, but are they accurate?

My Thoughts:

I really liked this book. The three women alternate their points of view, which keeps the reader guessing about their past and who is committing the vandalism.

The novel kept me engaged and in suspense throughout. I enjoyed the details about these strong female characters. Heller does a great job with scenery, description, and characterization.

I definitely would recommend this to someone looking for a domestic drama.

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