Book review: Minka Kent again…….The Thinnest Air


Meredith is a wealthy wife living in a beautiful home in a resort town married to a successful financial broker.

Meredith seems happy and enjoys her role as stepparent to her husband’s two children from a former marriage.

Things aren’t what they seem when Meredith’s car is found in a parking lot of a grocery store, and Meredith is nowhere to be found.

Enter Greer………Meredith’s sister arrives to help uncover the truth.

My Thoughts:

I just love Minka Kent’s books!

I really enjoyed this book and the character of Greer who is focused on finding out the secrets of Meredith’s last two years. Things are not what they seem at all in this thriller, and Greer is desperate to find out.

This was one that kept me up late at night to finish!

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