Book review: The Lying Club by Annie Ward


Private schools and scandals go hand in hand right?

Brooke, Natalie, and Asha are the three central women in this book. Natalie is a secretary at the school with some past struggles who hopes to move on with life and become like one of the moms at the school. Asha is a mother who overthinks every aspect of her life, and she just wants it to be perfect. Brooke is a wealthy and strong willed woman who is willing to do anything to make herself happy regardless of what others think.

When the book begins, two bodies are being removed from the school, and the reader is left trying to figure out what happened.


This was really good. I expected this to be similar to a lot of other books with the same premise but it took a serious turn about 75% or the way through. It reminded me a little of Good Girls Lie and She Was the Quiet One.

This is my first book by Annie Ward, and it was really well done. I look forward to reading more!

**Trigger warning: teenage girls being taken advantage of by adults

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