Book review: An Imperfect Plan by Addison McKnight


Colette has had some trauma throughout her childhood that nobody would want to experience. Finally she is at a good place in her life and ready to start a family with the eggs she had frozen years ago.

Greta is a wealthy and successful woman in the finance field who has not made the best choices as a wife and mother, and she has put her job first many times.

These women’s stories are told parallel in this book until their paths cross.

My Thoughts:

Well written and thought provoking, Addison MacKnight will rip your heart out while telling the tragic stories of Greta and Colette.

This would be an excellent choice for a book club read because it would open up the doors for lots of discussion with women about the choices of Greta and Colette.

The themes in this book are really intense and heartbreaking. This book had some really uncomfortable and horrifying moments that are rather hard to read as a mother. If you’ve ever lost a child, I do not recommend reading this book. It has similar triggers seen in The Push and Night Road.

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