Book review: Hidden Pictures by Jason Rekulak


Mallory Quinn is finally in a good place after a tragic past that led to drug use. With the help of her sponsor, she found an amazing job as a nanny in an affluent suburb in New Jersey.

Mallory adores the little boy she babysits for and loves the town. As Mallory falls into a healthy pattern of nightly runs and playing with Teddy by day, something begins to bother Teddy. Teddy’s artwork becomes extremely disturbing. Mallory begins to wonder if there is an unsolved murder in which a supernatural spirit is trying to convey to them.

My Thoughts:

Amazing book!! I’m usually not drawn to supernatural books and prefer to read about things that can happen in real life, but this book was one of the best ones I read in 2022!

Rekulak does a fantastic job with the descriptive details of the town, decorative details in the home and guest house, and Mallory’s past.

The relationship between little Teddy and Mallory is portrayed so well to anyone who has had a special relationship with a child.

If you haven’t read this book, you need to!! It’s fantastic!!

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