YMCA National Championships 2017 Savannah



2017 YMCA National Gymnastics Championships


On May 4th, our daughter was at gymnastics practice when she was doing a roundoff back handspring (which she’s been doing for almost 2 years!) and she landed incorrectly and broke her right wrist. 
We didn’t know if she would be able to compete in the National Championship that she was training so hard for. After having the bone reduced at Children’s Hospital, the orthopedic surgeons felt that it would heal in about 5 weeks. Since it was a growth plate injury, the bone grew back together quickly and healed perfectly!
Fast forward to June 9th…………..the cast was removed and she was given no restrictions! The doctor said for her to not put pressure on the wrist for a week, then after that she could ease back in as long as she felt comfortable. 
We finally decided after she did 2 full practices 10 days before the competition to follow through with our plans to head to Savannah. 
The gymnasts of Pennsylvania marching into the Opening Ceremonies at the Savannah Civic Center-2,000 gymnasts from across America!


Our gymnasts from Pennsylvania marching across the stage at the Opening Ceremonies


We arrived on Wednesday night and Thursday night we attended the Opening Ceremonies at the Savannah Civic Center. There were approximately 2,000 gymnasts from all over the United States in attendance! It was an amazing sight!



Before the Opening Ceremonies


Saturday morning, July 1st, was the day of the competition! 



We drove over to Hutchinson Island about 10 minutes from our hotel on River Street to the Savannah International Trade and Convention Center. 



In practice, she had not hit all the elements together in one routine since getting her cast off 22 days prior to the competition. She showed what a fighter she was by hitting the entire routine and scoring 8.40 on bars!



Beam was next and the routine looked great until the end when she needed some help with her dismount.







Floor looked good, but she had to leave out her back handspring because she had not trained that yet since she broke her wrist. The judges took a big deduction, but we knew they would deduct for it heading into this competition. We couldn’t ask for more of our daughter than the amazing performance she gave!

Last was vault and she did well considering she still wasn’t pounding on her wrists the way she had prior to the break. She scored 8.7.
All around was 33.0-very proud and amazed that she could score that well and still get a National qualifying score 22 days after getting her cast off!!!
It was a wonderful experience and hopefully we can return to Nationals for Level 4 next year in 2018!


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