Book Review: No Exit by Taylor Adams




College student, Darby Thorne, travels home to visit her dying mother. Guilty thoughts run through her head regarding their complex relationship as she heads through a treacherous snow storm. She must stop at a rest stop where there are just a four strangers. As she heads back out to her car to get something, she notices a cage in the back of a vehicle in the parking lot. Is she seeing things or is there really a small child locked in the cage like an animal? This fast paced thriller will keep you sitting and reading while you remain on edge hoping for an ending that results in safety! No cell phone reception, dangerous roads……..what will Darby do?


My Thoughts:


I really couldn’t stop reading this thriller. It was nonstop suspense with some disturbing and violent parts that made me queasy at times. There are parts of this plot that I cannot get out of my head months later about human trafficking and illegal acts. This is a great thriller that you could finish in just a few days.


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