Book review: The Identicals by Elin Hilderbrand-light and easy beach read



I always enjoy a light Elin Hilderbrand book when my schedule is lighter and life is a bit easier in the summer.

The Identicals came out last summer of 2017. Elin Hilderbrand’s novels are usually quick and easy books set in Nantucket. I’ve never been to New England, but I would love to visit there someday because Elin tends to write a descriptive explanation that makes the reader feel as if the reader is experiencing the setting firsthand.

The Identicals tells the story of twins who had parents get divorced and each parent took one of the girls to live with them: one in Nantucket and one in Martha’s Vineyard. After a death in the family, the girls are forced to make decisions together and get to know each other again.

This wasn’t necessarily my favorite book of Hilderbrand’s, but it was a fast and enjoyable read that you wouldn’t have to think too deeply about. I gave it 3/5 stars on Goodreads.


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