Book Review: Friends Like These by Sarah Anderson


Lizzie is a young lady that has recently re-invented herself. She has lost weight, gotten a makeover, and is looking for some love. Lizzie has always been envious of Becca who seemed to have it all……until Becca had a serious accident at a party. Years later, Becca has come back into Lizzie’s life unintentionally.

My Thoughts:

I listened to this intently on Audible and was addicted to it! The narration was perfect, and I absolutely loved the character voices and impressions! I was laughing at Lizzie so many times throughout the book. Her first person narration was just so entertaining.

This was a great twisted plot that I guessed some of, but I was surprised at some instances of the ending.

This will make you question what you see on social media! This explores whether people are truthful about what is put out into the cyber world.

This is a fun and twisty thriller that would be a quick read. I enjoyed the Audible version though!

I gave this 5/5 stars because it was just so entertaining!

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