Book Review: A Nearly Normal Family by MT Edvardsson


Parents can go to great lengths to protect their children and A Nearly Normal Family explores this concept that explores many different points of view to depict this from each character. Stella Sandell is accused of murdering a much older man. Her parents are shocked. She comes from the family of a father who is a pastor and a mother who is a lawyer. Everyone questions everything in their family after these accusations. Did Stella even know this man? How well did they know their daughter? How far will they go to protect her?

My Thoughts:

Reminiscent of questions that surface after reading Defending Jacob, this novel really made me think about how far people will go to defend their children. I loved the way the novel was designed switching from the dad, daughter, and the mother. I definitely didn’t see the ending coming and there were many surprises and twists and turns throughout the novel that kept me guessing the whole way through. I highly recommend this book. This is similar to the structure of Defending Jacob as there are parts of the novel that take place in the courtroom. A Nearly Normal Family is a cleverly constructed legal thriller that will definitely make you wonder what lengths you would go to to protect your own child. This novel is extremely well written and will make all the readers question their own intentions and morals by exploring what they would do if this happened to their own family.

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