Book review: The Death of Mrs. Westaway by Ruth Ware

8740DAA4-9564-4162-A7AF-89131A44E273Hal is a young girl with no family; her mother has recently passed away. Hal never knew her father. Hal works as a fortune teller using tarot cards as her income, but Hal is struggling with her finances since her mother has died. One day, Hal receives a letter bequeathing her an inheritance from a lawyer claiming her grandmother was leaving her a substantial amount of money. Hal feels this is a mistake, but Hal is also in need of money. Hal travels to the funeral and becomes entwined in this interesting and quirky family.

My thoughts:

I enjoyed this read as much as I have enjoyed Ruth Ware’s other novels. It was more of a classic “whodunit” mystery with many clues and red herrings throughout the novel. It was a little predictable, and I had the ending almost all figured out. There were some unanswered questions about the way some of the events unfolded. It is a quick and easy mystery to read this summer!


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